Minimum Age Requirement: 18 Years and Above

This Institute is open to everybody above 18 years of age who is engaged (or desires to be engaged) in Selling, Sales Operation, Sales Management or Commercial function, in any form and at any level and who desires to pursue it as a profession. Included here are practitioners and intending practitioners in both the public and private sectors.

People with acceptable qualifications who are outside the above areas but like the profession well enough as to want to acquire the necessary skills, certification and the very attractive associational benefits could also apply for due consideration.

However, only people who satisfy the strict requirements for Membership as approved by the Institute’s Governing Council at each point in time and have expressly and voluntarily elected to fully abide by the ICSP Code shall be eligible for actual induction into an appropriate cadre of the Institute.

The 5 Standard Paths To Membership

  • Direct (For a limited period before the commencement of mandatory Exams).
  • 3-stage Professional Examination.
  • Status in a Council recognized sister professional institute.
  • Senior Corporate Attainment in the Sales Profession.
  • Exemplary Leadership of a Sales-Oriented Organisation.

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